Brazil’s prostitution and sex workers have these things that others don’t have

Prostitution and Sex Work Are Legalized

With the rise of the internet, being a sex worker became much easier for many people around the world. The Internet is usually a safe space for sex workers to find clients and offer their services. However, what happens when they’re out in the real world? Many countries don’t recognize sex work as real work, which means sex workers are working illegally. That isn’t the case in Brazil.


Prostitution in Brazil is legal, which means that a lot of people can do their jobs without fear. Nobody is going to come after them for picking a profession surrounded with a lot of stigma. Even though a lot of people don’t understand or support prostitution, Brazil gave their sex workers many social benefits. Still, there are some limitations to this legalization. For example, sex workers can operate on their own, but working from a brothel is illegal.

Numerous Policies Are Made to Protect Sex Workers

Unfortunately, many people think they can do whatever with a prostitute once they pay for services. That’s how assaults of all kinds happen. 

In many countries, sex workers can’t protect themselves from attacks. Why? Because what they’re doing is illegal too. They have to endure the abuse and be taken advantage of because they can’t report it as they would risk losing their job. Sadly, people know that too, and that’s why they’re going out of their way to take their frustrations out on people who offer to satisfy them.



The situation is, again, very different in Brazil. Sex work being legal means there are many policies and acts that protect workers at their jobs. This also means they can report their abusers and the authorities will take them seriously. This is a good way to lower crime rates against sex workers, and it works! Not only does the country and law protect them, but they can go to strangers for help and won’t be shunned just because they’re sex workers.

Sex Tourism in Brazil is Widely Recognized

Thailand has been one of the most popular places for sex tourism for years now. However, Brazil’s sex tourism is flourishing so much that people are now going there instead. The legalization of prostitution really worked in tourism’s favor. You wouldn’t believe how many people go to Brazil looking for cheap sex only. 


These aren’t the people who come to carnivals and have wild sex along the way. We’re talking about people coming to Brazil looking for cheap sex only. While this isn’t something many people can afford to do, it helped Brazil accumulate a lot of money. Other countries could look at this money-making model, legalize prostitution, and never worry about being in crisis again.

Countless Prostitutes, Countless Pleasure

Not only is prostitution legal, but this industry is vast and accommodates all kinds of workers. Brazil has a lot of locals dabbling or being sex work pros, but that’s not the only thing this country offers. People around the world know about Brazil’s sex tourism, so they come to make their sex work dreams come true. That means you can find a lot of foreigners here too, and that’s what makes Brazil’s prostitution different.


Plus, there’s nothing these sex workers won’t do. No matter what you’re into or what kind of fetishes you have, there will be a sex worker to satisfy you. Finding your perfect match isn’t difficult either. Brazil’s sex workers have websites or social media, making them easily accessible. Even though brothels are illegal, you can find a lot of them in Brazil. So, there will never be a shortage of prostitutes here.

Sex Workers Reveal They Have Exclusive Privileges

Law isn’t the only thing protecting sex workers. Many wealthy people pay for prostitution services. If their prostitute is particularly good, wants to try new things, and satisfies the them, the client can pay extra or give her exclusive privileges. The payments and privileges will vary from one prostitute to another. However, the general rule is to recommend your prostitute to other people. That’s how they earn more money and expand their business.


On the other hand, some people are possessive, and they can ask for the prostitute to service only them. That can happen if the prostitute receives a large payment and special privileges. Privileges can include protection, among other things. This is all possible because prostitution is legal, so nobody will get in trouble for doing things like this.

Health Check Up Benefits are Given

Protection isn’t the only thing Brazil offers its sex workers. Another thing they can always rely on is health care. Not all countries can say they have great health care for their residents, let alone sex workers. Again, people shun and scrutinize sex workers, and doctors denying services isn’t unheard of.


Sex workers are people, and can also get sick, pregnant, have injuries, and require medical attention. Plus, they can also have conditions and diseases that require constant medical care. It’s unfortunate that many people don’t think sex workers deserve to see a doctor just because of their profession. Brazil strongly disagrees, and that’s why they provide health benefits to all sex workers.


Not only that, but sex workers also get pension, so they don’t have to worry about money when they get old. People aren’t in sex work forever, so it’s good to know they’ll be safe in the future.

Exploitation Is Gradually Getting Solved

Unfortunately, exploitation is a big problem in Brazil and all other countries. The difference between sex work and exploitation is that sex workers are in this business because they want to. They choose to do this for whatever reason, and nobody is forcing them into it. On the other hand, exploitation is the exact opposite.


The exploitation of people for sex work borders human trafficking. Criminals coerce and force vulnerable people into this kind of work against their will. Why? It’s all for profit. With the legalization of prostitution in Brazil, this kind of exploitation is slowly starting to disappear. 


More and more people are approaching sex work because they want to. So, nobody can really force them into it, and they don’t depend on anyone but themselves. This really is a great way to battle exploitation.

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