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Sex between men and women is one of the times when men must show their dominance. They do not say it often, but women all like dominant men. According to the laws of nature, a dominant man will be more likely to mate than another who is not. This is why it is necessary to always know how to go about it. There are several factors that determine dominance, each of which is of particular importance. That’s why it’s imperative to take them all into account. Here are some tips to show your domination to your spouse. The advice to dominate his wife in bed:

User of your psychology

Domination is not only a question of physics; it must first play on psychology. Therefore, to exercise dominance in bed, you must know how to enter the mind of your spouse and be able to tell him the words and sentences that will mark his spirit. It should be known that the sweet words are effective, but in the short term, it is necessary to know also to leave expressions much dirtier in order to shock, that will have the consequence to excite even more. Moreover, you do not need his permission to exercise this domination, the more it will be spontaneous and the better the results will be.

Always show him that you are the master of the situation

When you make love to your spouse, you must always lead the tempo. That means choosing what to do, when and where to do it, are very important factors. It is not necessary to think at this time, you just have to do what you have to do. As a result, the preliminaries and the changes of position during the act will be your responsibility and you will have to carry out all these tasks to express your domination. In addition, it is also recommended by specialists in the field to find him a nickname that you will repeat frequently during the sexual act. This increases the excitement in women.

Know how to take control

Women like to be under the control of the man; however they are not easy to do, because it increases the excitement at home. Therefore to achieve this, it is necessary to apply a certain scheme. First of all, you have to know that women, even though they hide, love sex more than men do. So during the act, you have to let him know that by telling him that you have been waiting for that for a long time. Then she must also know that you excite him so let him know, it will not only tell him, but it must also show him. Finally, we must always remind her that she is here to satisfy your desires. It’s still a secret, but deep inside of them, they like to satisfy the desires of the man.

If by method one excludes the practice bdsm or sexual X as such, for example, the use of whip or bondage, what remains? A man and a woman (simplify). What does this man want and what does this woman want? Dominate or submit (simplify bis). And so, learn to dominate, learn to submit. How to do it? One way is to use toys that can deprive him of orgasm. A good way to do this is through the use of urethral sounds which are available for sale at lustplugs.

What does the person want when she says that she wants to learn to submit? She wants to learn to obey, to serve and to please or any combination of these verbs because there are important nuances between becoming submissive, servant, slave or property.

What does the person want when she says she wants to learn to dominate? Or what if your partner want to know what  is urethral play? She wants to be obeyed, to be served and to please her or any combination of these verbs. As I see it, to achieve this, I see four “learning methods” of the power relationship. Used separately or as a jumble most often. Let’s see in a few strokes, over-simplified it goes without saying.

For more info about urethral play, go see this article from Vice.

The domestic violence: With its corollaries that are the emotional blackmail, the systematic denigration and the inferiorization of the other. Very popular method, let’s not be fooled. Devilish and destructive, its strength rests on two pillars: fear and manipulation. Used by many bdsm lovers, in Fetlife as elsewhere.

The neuro-linguistic programming as by the acronym NLP (auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis) is a method of learning the power relationship. Master Bob of the Friends of Germanicus speaks of permanent psychoanalysis among the members of the circle to which he belonged. I could be wrong but I would think these people are doing NLP more than anything else.

Positive, powerful, NLP, which is at the crossroads of cybernetics, psychotherapy and linguistics, I gladly place it on the side of speech therapies. She will not make a submissive woman or a dominant of a man with significant relational difficulties, however. It will rather be social worker direction and psychological help, casserole (or coconut).

The behavioral psychology is especially recognized in popular imagery by Pavlov’s experiments with dogs . Here is the reward / punishment system. Some will talk about the carrot and stick method.

Without figures or statistics, I would tend to believe that this method of learning the bdsm is the most widespread.

If you go get me that bone out there in the back of the crowded room, bitch, I’ll give you a cookie. This biscuit often takes the form of sex in all its forms, the realization of fantasies. Sex then becomes a means by which the dominant resorts to conditioning the subject. I gladly classify the works of Peter Masters and those of the Master / Slave Dev Center in the behavioral method.

Two important remarks

It could be argued that mentoring is a method of learning the power relationship, through imitation and training. This is not entirely false, but I would categorize mentoring more on the same footing as books, workshops, websites, boot camps, and other ways of learning: it’s not the same.

It is the same for the imitation of the codes and the tics drawn from the popular imagery where the cinema and the literature serve as method to several: “ahah I am O, you are Sir Stephen, I give myself to you!

I come to my second remark here: can one really then in these cases speak of learning method? I would rather believe that this type of bdsm is an adult game in the form of theater (importance of staging, costumes, language formulas, roles camped, the stage). Or a role plays GN (life size).

I willingly classify the Gorean universe of John Norman in this movement. One could easily inventory several works and subcultures in this movement: vampire, Gothic, geisha, medieval, etc. Moreover, many people use a pseudonym drawn from the works and universes willingly “associated” with the exchanges of powers.

In all these cases, we always remain in the signs. I find that in conversations, we still remain too often entangled in the codes, the manners, the style, the coating, which do not tell us anything about the relation of power, about the dynamics between the dominant person and the submissive person.

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