Interesting facts about male chastity

People have become liberal in many ways and even things have changed a lot inside the bedroom. Yes, people are not afraid to explore new and exciting methods to add to their pleasure. And maybe you would have heard it or not, male chastity is slowly gathering a lot of popularity. And this can trigger a lot of questions like what male chastity is and why people do it etc. In this article, we’ll take a look at some interesting facts about male chastity.


Male chastity is not a new concept, and there are many examples throughout history of men abstaining from sex, masturbation, orgasms, or all three!

Male chastity is certainly not a new concept as we can see a lot of indication and examples from our history. Yes, there are indications that men have seriously abstained from either masturbation, sex or orgasm or in against all these three.

We may have come across Buddhist priests , but do you know that one of their main pledges is to abstain from even thinking about sex. And that is the reason, you can find these priests moving into secluded locations to distance themselves from the society.

Another recent development that can be linked with male chastity is the #nofap movement, that involves people to abstain from masturbation. The #nofap movement indicates that when people abstain from masturbation, it increases their mental as well as their physical health. Nowadays, male chastity has become common as men give their partners to have control on their body and sexual acts. Yes, only their partners decide when to masturbate or have sex. Yes, when you hand over control, you will be fitted with a male chastity device and only your partner decides about your sexual actions.


So, where does this entire thought originate from? What potentially had somebody to surrender sex and climaxes for an all-inclusive timeframe, and really appreciate it?

The concept of male chastity can be traced back to ancient times as there are various scripts that indicate the presence of male chastity in olden times. But most of these scripts don’t refer locking up a person’s private parts. During olden times when men were out from their homes for a long time either for trade or war, there are references that show men locking their women’s private parts and take the keys with them and open only when they return. Some scripts indicate that these devices did exist during the 18th or the 19th century. But it was only during the mid-1900s that these devices became popular, but these devices looked bizarre and weird.

Today, male chastity devices do not look as scary as the ones shown above. In fact, they are not more stylish and the designs are well-thought of just like what you can see in this link that will redirect to lovegasm.


It’s a gadget worn around shaft of the penis that is held tightly in place with the help of a testicle ring or a harness wrapped around the waist. Once you have the device locked, it is impossible to get erections.


Generally, these devices are utilized in BDSM play to take control of your sexual desires by your partner. The wearer of the device transfers the power to his partner who holds the key for the device.

Other reasons that people indulge in male chastity includes:

  • Denial of Sex or Sexual Tease

One of the major aspects of using these devices is the denial of sex aspect and once you have been denied sex for a long time, you would become more aggressive when the device is unlocked and perform again in the bed.

Another perfect example is when you and your partner are miles away and only see each other though video calls. It is much more like male chastity as even if you are willing you cannot do much about it. The chastity device is just similar to that s you cannot do anything unless you have it unlocked.

Increased Sex Drive

Another reason that people opt for this device is to enhance their sex drive. Since you can’t have sex or stroke off while wearing an enclosure, taking it off and being permitted to encounter joy, can make the accompanying sex and climaxes unquestionably progressively exceptional (particularly if your accomplice makes you wear one for some time).


There is no long list of requirements to take part in male chastity. All you have to do is prepare your mind and body to have your penis locked in and remain chaste for some time.

  • It also involves giving up on pornography and masturbation and indulge only in sexual activities.
  • To abstain from sex till marriage
  • To abstain from masturbation even from touching your penis

Regardless of whether it’s the vibe of the metal on their skin, the heaviness of the confine pulling on their penis, or simply the straightforward idea that it’s there, swelling under their garments. The reasons are really boundless! Be that as it may, in case you’re as of now occupied with a modesty relationship, and you like wearing a purity gadget as well, at that point why not?

While male virtue chastity isn’t something you ought to think about dependent on its prevalence, it would be a lie to state it hasn’t become increasingly prevalent as of late. In addition to the fact that society are substantially more open about sexuality, such a significant number of individuals are additionally ready to attempt things they probably won’t have before. It’s likewise a lot simpler to get both data and hardware on account of the web.

You could choose to try having a cage around your penis inside a couple of days! In some cases, ladies may even be in a pure lesbian relationship! It truly doesn’t make a difference what your identity is, or who you like. If you think you’ll appreciate modesty, at that point there’s nothing halting you trying it out.

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