Sex without Sound: Here is the guide for you

Many ordinary people have a very vague idea of the difference between vibrators and dildos. Moreover, these two toys are confused even by people who want to acquire this or that sex device. But do you know how to masturbate quietly? Below sex toys will help you in this.

Vibrator Benefits

Of course, a person who has never held a dildo or a vibrator in his hands is not obliged to thoroughly understand their differences. But imagine such a situation. A man or a woman comes to a sex shop and asks the seller to show her or him dildos – “well, those with a motor”. At best, the consultant will begin to ask the client what he really needs, and at worst he will start to smile or even let a not very witty joke. Of course, the latter option is possible only with very low professionalism of the seller, but, you see, it’s not very pleasant to get into an awkward situation in an intimate shop. Therefore, if you do decide to go to the sex shop for a dildo, then learn how to distinguish it from the vibrator is simply necessary.

Dildo Features

So, let’s see what the dildo is different from a vibrator. First, getting into the sex shop, you must understand that the showcases under the name “vibrators dildos” will not be there. These types of sex toys, though similar in appearance, but belong to completely different categories. Secondly, dildos are different: it is not necessary to assume that only advanced vibrators have any characteristic features. In any sex shop, you can find, for example, a realistic dildo, as accurately as possible to copy the male penis. The situation is the same with the size: the large faloimitator is quite an ordinary thing.

Differences dildo from the vibrator: Functional differences

Now let’s understand the functional differences of these toys. As the name implies, a vibrator is an electronic device equipped with a special vibromotor. In general, the impact of the vibrator on the erogenous zones is almost entirely based on stimulation with the help of small tremors of the device. The dildo is a device completely devoid of any electronic filing. And its impact is based on the physical contact of the shell of the toy with the mucous membrane of the vagina or anus. Thus, the dildo can be distinguished from the vibrator, drawing attention to the presence of any switches or buttons on the body of the toy. If the device is found at least some controls, then you just like a vibrator.

The dildo is still relevant

Of course, the appearance on the market of sex toys vibrators led to the fact that the demand for classic dildos has dropped markedly. However, this does not mean that the faloimitator has lost its relevance.

The popularity of dildos

Today dildos still remain in the top sales of all sex shops. And this fact is not surprising, because this seemingly banal toy has a fairly large number of important advantages, and some of the advantages of dildos are not available even to more advanced sex devices. So, let’s look at the most interesting advantages of classic dildos in order to make sure that this toy still has not lost its relevance.

Realistic suction dildo: Ease of use

Using a sex toy, the girl is unlikely to be able to deal with her management, and in fact, most modern vibrators have a lot of programs that need to be switched, watching the indicators on the device body. With a dildo, everything is much easier. This toy is driven by hand movement, so for getting pleasure, it will be enough to get it out of the case and proceed to the very thing for which it was created.


The dildo does not need to charge, buy batteries for him, etc. This means that you can take it with you anywhere, without thinking about power sources.


The simplicity of the classic dildo design guarantees its highest resiliency. In this toy, there is simply nothing to break, so its reliability leaves far behind all the complex electronic sex-gadgetry.

Safety of use

Using a dildo is not much different from the classic masturbation, and self-satisfaction, whatever psychologists say conservatives, does not cause dependence. With vibrators and other toys that use erogenous zone stimulation, everything is much more complicated. Exposure to the vibro-module rather quickly leads to habituation, which definitely will not happen when using a classic dildo.

If you decide to buy a dildo, but you are not sure if this toy will be able to give you maximum pleasure, then just appreciate all the above-described advantages of such devices, and your insecurity will pass by itself. Dildos – this is a real classic of the world of sex toys, and the classic, as you know, is immortal.

Lubricant – orgasm ingredient

It is not possible to get a complete picture of pleasure and achieve euphoria during sex, if there are small nuances that hinder the process. One of the most important nuances is the presence of natural lubricant in sexual partners (lubrication). Lack of hydration of the vaginal mucosa can lead to unpleasant and painful sensations during intercourse, and as a result, restraint or refusal of sexual relations. The causes of this problem are many, from medical indications, drug use, alcohol and other substances, to the banal psychological factor.

Lubricants for peak excitation

If, nevertheless, the partners cannot independently reach the peak of arousal and achieve a sufficient release of natural lubricant, there is an excellent solution to this problem – the use of a lubricant. The list of lubricants in modern stores of intimate products is very diverse. Lubricants have such positive properties as the relief and hydration of frictions, protection against micro cracks and micro traumas, the content of anti-inflammatory, anti-venereal, and even contraceptive ingredients (not all). The composition of lubricants includes a mass of substances that are aphrodisiacs, prolong sexual intercourse, have warming or stimulating properties, create the effect of “narrowing” of the vagina, and also are flavoring agents. This list is endless; the most demanding customer will find a lubricant suitable for him.

Lubricant for tender sex: Lubricant Types

All lubricants are divided into three groups: water-based, oil-based and silicone-based. Water-based lubricants are the most popular type, as they are similar in nature to natural lubricants: they are universal, do not cause allergic reactions, are excellent in use with a condom, are non-sticky, and also pleasantly and easily applied. For lovers of long sex, as well as love games in the pool or bath, there are silicone-based lubricants, but they have a sticky consistency and can leave stains on linen and bed. The least common are lubricants on an oil (fat) basis, The reason for this is their viscous and sticky consistency, the ability of pathogenic bacteria and viruses to develop on the genitals of partners, and most importantly, the destruction of the latex structure, in turn, of condoms.

A variety of lubricants for different types of sex

The variety of this product is very large, as a completely separate group can be attributed anal and oral lubricants. The composition of anal lubricants must necessarily include iceocaine, which will significantly reduce the unpleasant and painful feelings during games with the “forbidden fruit”. Oral lubricants are unusual sex lubricants, which are inherently safe and edible sweeteners, with good moisturizing and gliding characteristics that can be used during vaginal and oral sex. On the modern market there is a huge selection of lubricants, the most popular and high-quality products are presented in online store.

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